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Divorce Hurts

Divorce hurts.  Divorce hurts in places never felt before.  Divorce is hard, disruptive to life, crazy making, feels unmanageable, frustrating, and then ... there are decisions to be made about children, finances, living arrangements, legal considerations (and the list goes on and on) at a time when emotional and psychological clarity is at its worst. 

They say that when you find yourself walking through hell, keep on walking.  I say find someone who can help you walk through hell and drag you if they must, until you get yourself the hell out of there!

That is where I come in.  I have committed my life and career to helping those just like you navigate the emotional, psychological, and legal process of divorce and relationship transition.  I will be your advocate, your friend, your confidential and safe place to weather this storm.  I will provide you with the wisdom, experience, and tools/resources necessary to enable you to make mindful and good decisions for yourself and your family.  I care, I can help.  I am your very own Personal Transition Coach.  Let my 20 years of experience benefit you.

My office is centrally located in Southington, Connecticut.  Easy access off I-84.  I have clients that come up from NYC and the Boston area even.  There are restaurants and places to unwind either before or after our confidential sessions together.

Call me.  Let's get to know each other and help me understand your individual situation.  

Taylor Leigh
Life Transition Coach (Individuals) - Mediator (Couples) - Experienced - Trusted
100 Queen Street, Suite 4G
Southington, Connecticut 06489

Resource for Divorce - Divorce Support

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Confidential - Experienced - Trusted

Divorce Help in CT

Excited at the Grand Opening of the Southington Office!! 
100 Queen Street, Suite 4G
 Southington, CT 06489
Next to Krezel Law Center
Easy to locate off of I-84, Exit 32
Central CT Location
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Blogging 101 Yikes! Divorce/Transition

Yikes!  It is challenging to find time to keep this blog updated!  I am far more committed to working individually with clients (in strictest confidence)  at surviving and managing the overwhelming issues involved in Divorce and Life Transition. I will do my best at writing a post monthly.  This work is so critically important to me.  I see clients daily struggle with the grief, pain, loss, and even anger (unmatched) in facing the "mountain" before them.  I honor each an every one of you and do not take lightly the TRUST you put in me to see you through this journey.  Blog with high content to follow shortly - promise! 


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