Let me help guide you through a more gentle and collaborative process

My role as Mediator:

  • To help YOU both move forward and maintain a positive relationship

  • To help YOU communicate more effectively and keep priorities straight as you restructure your family

  • To  help YOU expedite the process of divorce - the legal (attorney referral), the emotional, the psychological dissolution

  • To educate YOU about : common practices and expectations, your changing family system, your children and their developmental needs through the Divorce

  • To help YOU avoid the adversarial approach in litigation which pits you against one another and where posturing and positioning matter most.  Nobody wins and the damage can be life altering.

  • To help YOU become allies not enemies or at the very least, working partners (even in the most highly conflictual couples)

  • To help keep your assets with you and not in lengthy and expensive court battles

  • To help YOU to participate well in your own Divorce and to understand and address the needs of all parties involved

Let's talk about your alternatives before you engage legal counsel. 
Let's work this out together. 
 I can help. 

We will work out any points of contention in your
changing family system,
mindful of the needs of the whole.


There is a better way.
Mediation in my office is personal, private,
 confidential, respectful, and empowering

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